Lake Lanier Fishing Report – August 19th, 2013

Written by jeffblair on August 19, 2013

Current Lake Lanier Fishing Report – Fishing report from August 19th, 2013

Lake Lanier’s striper fishing has been pretty good this past month. With all the rain and lower temps that we have had has made the bite more inconsistent than our typical summertime bite. We are still catching fish everyday just some days I am having to work really hard to get 3-4 fish in the boat while other days we are boating 10-15 and hooking up another 10-20 that we loose. Right now most of the stripers I am catching are on down rods 60ft down over a 100-120ft bottom. On a few days when I’m marking fish up in the 20ft range I have had good luck pitching a free line out the back or a free line with a little split shot on it. Baits are starting to die on the hook fairly quick now. Keep them changed out every couple minutes to get bit. I haven’t trolled lead core hardly at all this summer so I can’t give much of a report on it. I have heard of a few people doing good on it. Typically a 1 1/2oz bucktail tipped with a herring pulled 8-9 colors out will get you bit this time of year. On a side note I would like to share that I got the opportunity this month to take Adam Sandler and his family fishing. That was an awesome experience. He is a cool down to earth guy that was fun to be with. Plus on another day I took out some Make A Wish Foundation kids for him that had lymphoma. Also a great experience. Thanks again to everyone that has hired my boat this summer.

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