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I wanted to add my thoughts to this page because reading comments like these helped me make some good decisions. I have been Striper fishing for a year now and I love it, I went out with numerous different guides on Lanier for the first 6 months, great guys, caught some fish and learned some things.

Then me and my brother-in-law went out on a trip with Jeff Blair, we had a BLAST, caught a bunch of fish and he taught us a ton!

We only use Jeff Blair now and we go out with him alot, he is a great fisherman and an even better guy….
Chris Burdette – Newnan,Ga


Very professional, great equipment and catches big fish. I haven’t been crappie fishing with him, but I know he loads the boat with them too.
Andy McClure – Monroe,Ga


Was out today with Jeff Blair, my two boys and a friend. Jeff had been slaying all week and (of course get me on the boat and I have make luck go the other way) today didn’t start that way. Then when we found them we were losing them for all kinds of reasons (again my vibe).

He worked hard to get us on on the fish and more importantly fish in the boat … it was an amazing day with not only a great guide but a great guy.
Wade – Atlanta,Ga


My wife and I went out with him on 7/31/12 and had a great time. We caught several really good stripers. Jeff is friendly and professional and will work hard to keep you on fish.
Joe Hughes – Alabama


This past Wednesday had the privilege of going fishing with guide Jeff Blair. He is one of the best men I have seen working with young children and others who do not fish a lot. It was a privilege to fish with him, I let the friends from church reel em’ in and Jeff was more than willing to answer ALL of my questions. One of the few guides I have went with that has time to teach you, and put you on fish at the same time. I would recommend if you have family or friends that you want to catch STRIPERS on LANIER.
Greg Worley – Gainesville,Ga


We had a great time on the lake yesterday with Jeff Blair, even though the fishing was tough we was able to still catch several fish and a few came off. Lets face it guys 90% of all these guys out here guiding know how to catch fish. What it comes down to is someone that is down to earth, has respect for his customers and that does not nickel and dime you for everything you got. Jeff Blair is just that, I didnt know him until yesterday and I have been out with several guides and he is by far my favorite out there! Give him a call and see for yourself!!!!
Jeremy Mulinax – Jasper,Ga


After reading this post and seeing Jeff Blair recommended several times as a good Lake Lanier guide I decided to give him a call.

Jeff took 4 of us out on 10-31 and we all caught fish. I was very excited when our first fish caught by my son was a 17 pounder. I was sure that was going to be the big fish of the day until I boated a 30 pound monster!!!! Jeff was a great captain to spend the day with. He made sure we all had a good time and even cleaned a few of the “small” 7 – 8 pounders for us to put in the freezer. I look forward to fishing with him again.
Kevin Day – Alpharetta,Ga


told jeff we were having a tough time with the summer time striper bite on lanier.he said he’d try to help us.boy was that a understatement.went out with the man 7/9/12 and was having a tough day.i was thinking this was normal for us.[monday was tough for alot of guys]jeff would not stop until he found some fish that wanted to bite or run out of bait trying[7 dozen bb’s i think].well we did both.he went above and beyond what was expected to show us what it takes to have a successful trip and i thank him.p.s. Jeff good luck this fall and i’ll see you come rivertime
Joe Goins – Dacula,Ga


I’ve referred many of friends and co-workers to use Jeff and ALL OF THEM have had nothing but great experiences and personal bests!
Fred – Flowery Branch,Ga


Me and my son Chase fished with Jeff Blair yesterday,
We had a blast! The morning gave me my personal best striper!
A few broke lines to boot ( dang timber ), had a few window shoppers and the bite slowed. I thought we were about done. But Jeff was far from being done. He got us back on’em again,and it was on! We will be Book again with Jeff,Fo Sho!
Allen Strickland – Rockmart,Ga


I was able to get on the water today with Jeff Blair, as always, he put us in a position to catch some fish. We boated (9) stripers, ranging from 7-17 pounds, all on the down rod bite between 30-45 feet. We missed a few more and saw alot of fishing rocketing off the bottom as deep as 80 feet.

I know alot of you guys know Jeff or have used him as a guide, so you know what kind of skill he has, but he never ceases to amaze me with his knowledge of these fish, there patterns and he always seems to put us in the right place at the right time, now some of that is luck, but alot of it is being a pro at the striper game.

Also, I need to give my wife some kudos, she made a game time decision this morning at 4:30 a.m. and she brought her “A” game as she boated the most and biggest fish. I’m proud of her, she is a gamer so I wanted to share with you guys some of the fish she landed today.

Thanks again JB, your the man! I look forward to fishing with you again in the next few weeks!
Randy – Atlanta,Ga


Just wanted to say thanks Jeff for a great day of fishing. Mom and Dad had never been stiper fishing before. I think they are hooked now. Alli Beth told everyone that she caught four by herself. Anita was shocked at how big striper really are in person. Overall the family had a great time and we look forward to our next trip with you.
Matt Tatum – Cumming,Ga


My son and I met Jeff Blair at the ramp this morning around 10am. The rain was over and the sun came out.

We absolutely tore-up the crappie! My son, who is 14, didn’t even stop to eat a sandwich because the bite never stopped. We fished from @10:30am till @4:00pm and if I told you how many we caught you would think I was lying.

We caught alot and only kept what I felt like cleaning.

If you have never met Jeff you are missing out. He is a down to earth, friendly outdoorsman that made my son and I feel like we had been long time friends with him. His knowledge of fishing was outstanding and I truely enjoyed his company.
Andy Richardson – Watkinsville,Ga


Back in July I contacted Jeff to schedule my very first guided fishing trip ever. I had some very serious requests for this trip, it was to be scheduled for my 62nd birthday (10/13/11) and I had requested a bucket list item for me was to catch my first 15 lb + fish, in addition I wanted to invite my mentor Randy and his wife to accompany my wife and myself. Jeff’s response to my request was “we can to that”. So we set it all up for this past Thursday.

Well to say the least Jeff did just as promised:

Jerry: 17.1 lb Striper what a rush.

Tena: 2+ lb spotted bass 1st time I had ever seen one, 6 lb 11 oz Largemouth her 2nd largest bass ever.

Randy: 11.5+ lb Striper, couldn’t slap the grin off his face!

Amanda: 8.5-9 lb Striper

Jeff, I learned a lot and we all enjoyed the wonderful trip and the hard work you did for us to put us on the targets I was looking for was more than expected.

I now know when I want a guide Jeff will be my first call.
Jerry M – Newborn,Ga


My thumbs are sore!
Had a great afternoon on Lanier yesterday with Jeff Blair. Look the man up if you want to go and catch some striper!

We got on water at 2, and the action was as hot as the weather. At one point, we had 3 fish hooked up, and I would get one line in and go to the next rod…all while he was laughing at me. The first fish we pulled up came up in a school of 6-7 other fish, coolest thing I’ve seen on water in a long time. A school of what looked like 10 pound fish!

We caught 19 fish by 7 that night and broke off 4-5 more. The smallest fish was 8 pounds or so, with the rest being solid 10 pounders and better. Biggest by my guess was right at 20 pounds, and stripped out 160 feet of line in seconds. Love the sound of a drap screaming. Strong fish!

Thanks again Jeff! Looking forward to the next trip out on the water with ya.

Seriously folks, you have to try this at least once!! It’s addictive!
Brandt Kessler – Marietta,Ga


What a day! I can tell you I am addicted! Fast start and a fantastic finish.
The last 3 hours of fishing was frantic with lines going down every 4 to 5 minutes had several doubles and 1 triple. It was a trip worth every dollar and we will be back.
Eric – Buford,Ga


Went striper fishing today with Jeff Blair Lake Lanier Striper Charters on lake Lanier….. had a awesome time… although we didn’t boat as many fish as we would have liked we had a awesome time and Jeff did everything possible to make us as comfortable as possible….and did his best to try to find us a fish…. my brother did boat 2 good ones… one 15lb and one 10lb…. and i boated one 12lb….. thanks again to Jeff and the great time he showed us…. if anyone would like to book Jeff on a striper fishing trip go to his website at www.lakelanierstripercharters.
Glen Gosnell – Habersham,Ga


My dad and I and a buddy of ours went out with Jeff on Tuesday for a half-day striper fishing trip on Lanier. We landed 9 and had at least 6 others either break our lines or come unhooked. I wanted to break the 15-lb mark for the first time, and was hoping for a 20+ pounder for the wall. Unfortunately, it didn’t happen. I landed 3 small-average fish and had a monster fish on that took me down in the trees and broke me off. Our buddy Mike landed a 22.8 pounder. If I’d been the one to grab that rod, that fish would be in the freezer, headed to the taxidermist, but Mike’s got one bigger on the wall already.

Although it wasn’t the best day in the history of striper fishing on Lanier, Jeff worked really hard to keep fish under the boat. He stayed on the phone/radio all morning talking with other guides, trying to locate schools of feeding fish. Nobody was wearing them out that day. We caught more fish than everybody we talked to that day.

If you want to catch some nice stripers and have one heck of a time, call Jeff 678-542-4176.
Eddie Thompson – Buford,Ga


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