Lake Lanier Fishing Guides Report – December 31st, 2011

Written by jeffblair on January 2, 2012
Lake Lanier Fishing Guides Report – December 31st, 2011

Lake Lanier Fishing Guide. Fishing report from December 31st 2011

We have had some great weather and fishing this month. We have caught them on freelines, downrods and u rigs. Right now most of the fish I am finding are in the northern creek channels around huge schools of bait. I am having better success pulling u rigs 75-100ft back just above the clouds of bait catching the single fish thats cruising through the bait. If you can get on a school of stripers downrod trout will work but I have not seen many schools that will stick around. Overall fishing has been really good.
Its that time of year where the crappie stack up under deep water docks and I start doing crappie trips or striper/crappie trips if anyone is interested. Today was the first striper/crappie trip this winter and worked out like it should. Chased stripers around all morning catching a few and then hit the docks the rest of the trip filling the cooler up with some slabs. We caught most of them on a 1/32oz regular jig head with a chartreuse crappie assassin trailer. Don’t miss out on some great fishing with out all the boat traffic. Happy New Years!!!!


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