1-8-11 Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Written by jeffblair on January 13, 2011
1-8-11 Lake Lanier Fishing Report

It has been a cold month but the fish don’t care. The past few weeks the live bait bite has slowed down but the u-rig bite is about as good as it gets. Most of the fish that I am catching are on main lake points in 20-25ft of water. I am fishing my rigs 80-100ft back at 3mph with 3/4oz white bucktails tipped with chartruse curlytails or shad bodies. I don’t think it really matters what you have on your rigs because I have got reports of a lot of different baits that are working. The main thing right now is to find the points that are holding fish and clip the tips of them in 20-25ft of water. I know a lot of people are waiting till the weather warms back up to get out there but these people are missing out on some great fishing without all the jet skis and pleasure boaters trying to run you over. Put some warm clothes on and lets go catch some fish!!!!!

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  1. Rodney says:

    Nice looking site Jeff!!

  2. jeffblair says:

    Thanks Rodney

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